The Broken Road     

1. Teagan and Griffin begin their relationship with an understanding that it is just physical. Why is that important to each of them? What’s your take on such relationships? Have you ever had something similar?

2. Do you think being in a male-dominated career hindered Teagan’s past relationships? If so, how?

3. Analyze the character of Dylan as brother and boss. What does he add to the story? How does his presence and advice influence Teagan? How do you think Griffin’s journey would have been different without Dylan’s support and friendship?

4. How do the characters in the novel demonstrate personal growth and change throughout the story? How does emotional vulnerability play a role? When does this happen? Which event do you think was the biggest turning point?

5. What causes Griffin to constantly push Teagan away and have him unable to make a commitment?

6. Teagan struggles with sacrificing a world she has always known to start an uncertain one. She does this twice in the novel. Do agree with her choices?

7. How does having the book take place in two parts enhance the story? Were you surprised with how Part Two started?

8. Discuss the importance of trust and communication. What affect do secrets have in Teagan and Griffin’s relationship? Why did Teagan choose to keep her secret? Why did Griffin hold onto his, regarding Forest?

9. The Broken Road suggests that a person can be both broken and capable of being loved. Do you agree? Does the novel have any other messages?

10. Examine the role of past relationships in the novel. How do characters like Roslynn and Jace help and/or hinder the main characters?

11. How does Griffin’s relationship with his mother shape his perceptions, actions, and decisions? How does Vicki’s reappearance change or not change Griffin his opinions of her and himself going forward?