Sometimes you have to take the long, bumpy road to get home.

Finn and Lara Murphy thought they finally had it all. He had a chart-topping country music career, they were happily married, and their first child was due in a few months. Until… that fateful afternoon when all was lost.

Is it possible to rebuild the foundation of your life when your heart is crumbling?

TAKE ME HOME is an emotional journey down the roads you must take to reconcile with your past, begin to heal, and find out what home is truly all about.


“I miss them so much. It’s hard, you know, to move on … to know that I couldn’t do anything to save either of them and, yet, to be so grateful that you are alive … that you are here.”

“I am. I’m here. And it’s because of you…because of you and your love. Don’t bottle things up. Don’t sto—” But it was me who stopped. I didn’t want to push it. I didn’t want to risk the progress that had just been made.

He took my chin in his fingers and tilted my face toward his. “Say it.”

I adjusted slightly so I could meet his eyes. “Don’t do that again, Finn. Don’t risk going off your meds.” My bravado started to fail as my voice cracked and my eyes got a tad watery. “Don’t. Please.”

“I’m sorry. I thought I just wanted a couple of days to feel …” He tried to explain. “I let you down.”

“You … no. It’s okay to feel. Just don’t hurt yourself doing it. And don’t shield me from it.”


PLAYLIST:  songs that had inspired me when writing or remind me of Lara & Finn...