Before he sold out concerts and had number one hits…

Before she moved away to escape her past … 

Before they lost touch … 

Carefree Finn Murphy and reserved Lara Faulkner were college classmates. With fate drawing them to reunite, memories of that time eight years before takes hold of their hearts and minds.

What made these two opposites form a bond and friendship? How did bad timing stop them from having more? And what is bringing them back together after so many years apart?

Told from both Lara and Finn’s point-of-view, All My Memories is a unique and insightful prequel to the emotional, award-winning Country Roads series.


“Ugh—the light. Why is it so bright?” I squinted and threw my forearm across my eyes. 

I felt as if I was in a vacuum. There was a low buzzing sound in my ears. No, it was more like my head.

 When I finally adjusted to my surroundings, I realized I was in my bed. The sheets were tousled and thrown. The pillows laid haphazardly on the floor. I could hear some of my fraternity brothers talking in the nearby lounge. I could tell it was probably closer to mid-day than morning by the slightest ray of light, which beamed a little too brightly through the crack in the window’s drapes. My stomach swished a little. And then I remembered. I remembered the night before.

 “Oh, geez. Oh God. Lara,” I mumbled to myself. 

What had I been thinking? Why had I kissed her? I knew “us” wasn’t going to happen. I hadn’t even felt that way for a while … since Audrey and I had become serious. Was there some validity to alcohol being a truth serum? What was it about Lara that messed with my mind … or was it my heart? 

It didn’t matter, though. In the light of day—the obnoxious bright light of day—it didn’t matter at all. Everything was back to how it had been. Well, besides my head. That still needed the help of pain meds or, at least, water.



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