Almost. It had almost been perfect. Like heaven on earth.

Until it wasn’t. Until it was all taken away. Just…like…that.

A bumpy life path had finally led Lara Faulkner to happiness. And Finn Murphy, one of country music’s rising stars, was a big part of that. But his secret and a devastating loss had put up a sudden detour sign.

Lara and Finn now struggle with trying to reconnect back to the way they used to be. With his career threatening to create a bigger distance between them, they must find the strength to tear down the emotional restraints before it’s too late.

But when happiness is once again finally within reach, will it all be shattered just like one of the tragic, sad love songs the country artist himself sings?

Fall in love with Book Two of the Country Roads series – ALMOST HEAVEN.


“You’re being serious?” What?

“Yeah, Lara.” He was matter-of-fact—back to that place of the unknown.

“What? Why?” My mind was racing. Had I pushed him too far? “Was it something I…wasn’t it—?” I was near tears from the emotional roller coaster called today, the week…life.

“Don’t. You’re perfect. Try to understand. I just don’t have anything more to give right now. It’s a lot.”

I knew that. That was why we needed each other. That was why he needed to stay. Hadn’t we broken through? “Finn—”

He stopped me with not only his words but his pleading eyes. “Please, Lara.”

“Okay,” I consented, knowing that he was just as fragile as I was…even more. I didn’t need to add to his stress. I didn’t want to be another pressure point for him. For those reasons, I agreed to not only stop questioning him but gave into his desire to leave. I agreed verbally, but internally those pistons were re-igniting with concerns about him, us…everything. “Be careful.”

Finn took a second look at me with the slightest curve of his lips that was more like a twitch, and he left. I brought my knees to my chest, wrapping my arms around them. I felt naked and exposed in more ways than one.


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