Praise for Grea Warner's Books...

“Ms. Warner writes with an authenticity that evokes the emotion that the author is describing in her writing.” –Amazon reviewer
“Ms. Warner lures her readers in with such vivid imagery and authentic dialog, you will feel like you are a part of the story.” –Amazon reviewer
“Grea Warner wrote this emotional charged story full of what was, what is, and what could be.” –Amazon reviewer
“The author does an amazing job of bringing out every emotion in these characters and in this book you really get to experience these characters grow.” – Amazon reviewer


For Whiskey Girl
For Heads Carolina
**Amazon Bestseller**
For Country Roads

For Country Roads and Heads Carolina

Reading Order...

❓“Is there a specific order to read your books?”❓

My novels are written in the serial format, where the reader follows the same characters in sequential order … like a TV series.

📙The COUNTRY ROADS series is Lara’s story. The covers identify the order —
Book One – Country Roads
Book Two – Almost Heaven
Book Three – Take Me Home
Book Four – Teardrop in My Eye
Book Five – The Place I Belong
Prequel – All My Memories *as with some prequels, I would recommend reading this one either after Book One or upon completing the series.

📓Maya’s story, EVERY MILE A MEMORY, is a standalone. However, it takes place after the conclusion of Book Five of the Country Roads series and has characters that pop-up from that. THE DANCE is the story of Maya’s parents and takes place in the 1980s.

📔The HEADS/TAILS series is Bethany’s story. There are only two in this duet and Heads Carolina should be read first, followed by Tails California. WHISKEY GIRL is Ella’s (Bethany’s sister) story which directly follows Tails California. These books do not link to Country Roads or Every Mile a Memory. However, in the mapped-out timeline of my current & future books, the HEADS/TAILS duet and WHISKEY GIRL take place during the three-year gap between books 3 & 4 of the COUNTRY ROADS series. And observant readers will spot a connection between two characters in Heads/Tails and the Country Roads series. The characters don’t know about the connection, but the reader might have a “ah-ha!” moment.

Which series do you start first? Doesn’t matter, but I hope you enjoy them all!📚