Country Roads     

1. How do the first few opening paragraphs set the tone for rest of book?

2. Which country music singers or other personalities in the entertainment field would you compare Finn Murphy to?

3. Finn is careful with PDA and the press. What are your thoughts on media boundaries when dealing with someone in the public eye?

4. Who are the characters that are affected by addiction in this book and how are their ways of dealing with it different?

5. Do you think Lara was too cruel when she kicked Finn out? Should she have been more supportive?

6. How do you relate to Lara? Career, love, or family wise?

7. Favorite scene.

8. How has Lara changed and not changed from the beginning of the book? How successful do you think she is in overcoming her past by the end of the first book?

9. Country Roads is an emotional read.  a) What authors would you compare Grea Warner’s style to?   b) What other books would you compare COUNTRY ROADS to?

10. What genre would you consider COUNTRY ROADS?

11. Who would you recommend read this book?

12. What are your predictions for the following characters in the sequel – ALMOST HEAVEN



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