Every Mile A Memory

  1. EVERY MILE A MEMORY’s opening scene involves two strangers—Maya and Hawk—dramatically meeting in a hotel. Had they met under different circumstances, would they still have gotten together?


  1. How does Maya deal with grief, anger, and loneliness over Jeff’s passing? What coping mechanisms does she use?


  1. How is the first kiss with Hawk a turning point for Maya?


  1. Why is taking care of Chance and Arinn so important to Maya? How does she get the kids to be comfortable with and like her?


  1. What do you think was the cause of Hawk’s divorce? Was it simply getting married too young?  What factors in his life led to his marriage initially?  Do you think he really loved his wife? How has his relationship with Oaklee changed him?


  1. The relationship between fathers and their children play a significant role in EVERY MILE A MEMORY—Maya and Noah, Hawk and John, Finn and his kids. What kind of father do you think Hawk will be?


  1. Why does Hawk confront Finn on Father’s Day? Is he already in love with Maya at this point in the book? And what made him fall for her after not attaching himself for so long?


  1. Maya is claustrophobic, yet tries her best not to let it show. What fears do you have, and how do you overcome them when need be?


  1. Hawk has many names and roles – Alex, brother, son, lover, right-hand man. How does he change in each of these roles?  Which do you think is most suited for him?  What do you think his future child will call him?


  1. The men in Maya’s life can all be considered “protectors” – Jeff was a cop, Hawk a bodyguard of sorts, even Allante looks after her. What do you think attracts these men to Maya?  What attracts her to them?


  1. What made Hawk leave and come back after Maya’s pregnancy reveal? How much of his past had to deal with both actions?


  1. What do you think is Percy’s motivation for contacting Maya?


  1. If he could, what do you think Jeff would say to Maya and Hawk? What would he think about the pregnancy? What would he say to his family?


  1. How have Maya and Hawk changed from the beginning of the book? Will they live happily-ever-after? Why or why not?