West Virginia, New York, Tennessee…Lara and Finn Murphy have lived in all of these places. And thanks to Finn’s career as a country music singer, they have had the opportunity to explore many more. But what they have discovered along the many roads traveled, is that the only real place that matters is where each other is—that is the place they belong.

The pair will need to hold onto that truth as they face their greatest challenges yet. On top of dealing with Pop’s terminal illness, Lara and Finn’s young daughter is caught up in an emergency situation. The traumatic event not only scratches at old wounds but brings an unwanted public spotlight on the family.

Amongst the emotional upheaval, can they find sanctuary and comfort in each other? Will they learn to reconcile what has happened in the past to find peace in the present? Can they finally and completely let each other in?

And, will their road of life, full of detours and U-turns, finally have a happily ever after?


“Maybe you should slow down.” I observed his hand once again on the bottle’s neck.

He flinched my hand away and turned toward me. “I don’t need a police officer.”

“I…. Remember, don’t drink because you’re scared or mad or—” I started reciting the wise words he had previously spoken to me.

“And I don’t need to be psychoanalyzed.”

“I’m not.” I tried to be calm because I knew how much he was hurting. “Finn, I thought I was just being your wife… your girl who loves you.”

“I don’t need—”

“You’re gonna push me away, now?” I practically cried out.

He had done it in the past when Wyatt had died. But that was many years and tears before. We had grown so much stronger and secure as a couple…as one heart. Regardless, I got no response from him.

 I couldn’t take that. I knew his pain, and I knew where the words, and even the silence that followed, were coming from. But I couldn’t take it. Because, as strong as I had to be for my husband, I was hurting, too. And his rejection, on top of my sadness, would break me…or us. 



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