Take Me Home

1. It is not immediately clear who the narrator is in the opening scene of TAKE ME HOME. Did you think it was the same person as the end of the previous book? When did you figure out who it was? Were you surprised how the cliffhanger from ALMOST HEAVEN was resolved?

2. When Lara discovers the ramifications of her accident, she harbors a lot of guilt. What personality traits and things from her past cause her to feel this way?

3. Finn looks at pictures of his nephew and a pregnant Lara when he thinks Lara is not around. What factors go into the choices he makes while Lara is away? And, are the memories helping or hurting Finn?

4. Lara and Finn have found true love with each other. What do you think is their greatest strength as a couple?

5. Previously mentioned in the first two books, the baby boy that Lara gave up when she was a teen plays a significant role in TAKE ME HOME. How does bringing this character into the storyline connect to the theme of home and healing?

6. How does the description of Lara’s hometown and her childhood house influence the story? If she had grown up in a wealthier, urban area, would you have felt differently about the character?

7. Revealing her past to her family is a huge step for Lara. Their reaction and acceptance are very important to her. Describe the relationship between Lara and her father-in-law, Lara and her brother, and Finn and his family.

8. What scene had the most emotional impact on you as a reader?

9. What are the different things that Lara and Finn are healing from in this book/series—both together and individually? What helps them? And, what are they still working on at the end of this novel?