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Teagan Thompson always knew the road she was traveling on in life. She was a farm girl, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Teagan loved the animals, hard work, feeling of accomplishment, and being a part of her family’s heritage. It fit her. Strong and independent, if there was a problem, Teagan found a way to solve it … even if she had to do it all by herself.

When she visits her brother in California, Teagan meets winery-manager Griffin Pearce and learns that like objects, people can be broken, too. But no matter her determination, Griffin might be something Teagan can’t fix, especially after he discovers the secret she’s been hiding A part of her personal journey that can’t be altered, it’s also a sad reminder of Griffin’s past and one of the reasons he cannot heal emotionally.

 Do unexpected circumstances give Teagan a reason to stay and try to put the broken pieces together? Or does she follow the road back home to her beloved farm as was always the plan?

From best-selling & award-winning author Grea Warner, THE BROKEN ROAD is a realistic story about inner strength, going for what you want in life, and the different bonds that create a family.

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