Teardrop In My Eye

  1. In the beginning of the book, Lara and Finn seem to be living the perfect life. But it is soon discovered that Finn is holding something in. What is he struggling with and why does he keep it from Lara?
  1. Does the flashback sequence help fill in the gap between Book 3 and 4 or was it more of a hindrance?
  1. What is the turning point of this book? When do you see the characters’ lives change?  Is it just one incident?
  1. Lara is completely committed to Finn and, in the past, has always wanted to help. But when he acts uncharacteristically after returning from tour, she leaves for the night. How has the character of Lara changed from the beginning of the series?
  1. Because Lara and Finn deal with being hurt in different ways, they are not able to mend from the initial argument they have. Which character is at greater fault for this not happening?
  1. How do their past romantic relationships affect Finn and Lara’s view of their own relationship together?
  1. Discuss Finn’s relationship with Chance.
  1. Discuss the relationship between Lara and the Murphy family compared to her own family.
  1. The title TEARDROP IN MY EYE can speak of many instances in the book. Name a few.
  1. In your opinion, how does this book compare to the others in the series?