Whiskey Girl   

  1. This novel picks up two months after Tails California left off — at Ryan and Bethany’s wedding. Maks and Ella know each other for a matter of minutes when they feel an attraction. What is the initial connection? Did you like the beginning of Maks and Ella’s story? 
  2. This is the first of Grea Warner’s novels in which readers have already heard and/or seen both of the two main characters in her other books. It is also the first of her novels that neither of the two main characters are involved in the music business. In what other ways was this novel different than the author’s previous work? 
  3. Neither Ella nor Maks stopped thinking of one another after the bar. How do the first few days in Nashville develop or change their initial attraction? 
  4. Bethany and Ryan play lesser roles in this novel than in Heads Carolina and Tails California. They are side-characters along with Joel, Sallie, and the Opala family. Who of these are most important to the story? Least important? 
  5. After the first call from Ryan, Maks finds Ella in the guest room, needing time to herself. This is one of the author’s favorite scenes of the book. What scene did you find particularly moving, insightful, and/or well-written? 
  6. Describe the symbolism of the angel wing tattoo. In what ways does it portray Ella in the beginning and the end of the story?
  7. What genre/s do you consider Whiskey Girl? Contemporary Fiction, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, or Women’s Fiction?
  8. This story takes place during a two-month period where half way in, Ella discovers she is pregnant. At the same time, Maks has moved back to California and Ella has lost her job. Everything seems to be going wrong. Bethany thinks Ella is making a mistake by not telling Maks of the pregnancy right away. If you were Ella’s sister or friend, what would you have said? 
  9. No matter what happens with the baby, it is going to change the characters. How does the pregnancy affect Ella?  How does it affect Maks? How does the pregnancy affect the development of their relationship, especially since they are a new couple? Is it a positive change or a negative one? 
  10. What is Maks’ strength as a partner?  What is his weakness? What is Ella’s strength as a partner? What is her weakness? Possible choices: communication, emotional support, family, financial support, honesty, physically good-looking, respect, sex, sports compatibility, tenderness
  11. Getting a text from Willow, Bethany finds out that Maks is on an online dating service. Was Bethany right to tell Ella? What would have been your reaction if you were Ella? What might have happened if the motorcycle accident hadn’t occurred? What do you think about his friend’s interference?  Who was most at fault in this scenario?
  12. Readers have seen glimpses of Ella’s family in both Heads Carolina and Tails California. There are purposefully some unanswered questions when it comes to her brother. What is your prediction regarding this story thread? Are there any other Grea Warner books that you can make a connection?
  13. Do you know any couples who knew they were in love in a short period of time? How long did it take you to realize it? 
  14. As Ella and Maks make plans for the future, there is tension from her family. How would you have reacted to the Thanksgiving table scene if you were Ella? What do you think the future holds for Ella and Maks?