Fellow book lovers, WELCOME to my website!

I appreciate you joining me on my writing journey and celebrating with me as I put out each new story.

I am proud to introduce Country Roads. It is the first in a continuing five book series that follows Lara Faulkner as she reconnects with her friend, Finn Murphy – who is now a country music star. Told in first person from Lara’s point of view, the novel will dig deep into your emotions as both characters struggle with things from their individual pasts and have to learn to trust one another to overcome life’s obstacles. This series is a perfect combination of my love of country music and serial television dramas.

And if you are interested in Lara and Finn’s backstory, be sure to check out the novella teaser, All My Memories, in the Can’t Buy Me Love anthology.

Well, I have to go back to editing the next book and getting some thoughts down for a another series.  And YOU need to explore! Cuddle up with a blanket, sip your favorite beverage, and take a moment to check out more of my author site.– learn about me through my bio, read some excerpts, and, if you are so inclined, buy a copy of my books!  I would truly treasure your readership.

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