Inspiration & Future Books

The two questions I get asked the most are…
*How do you come up with the ideas for your books?
*What are you working on now?
The Country Roads series came about because I am a huge country music fan. And who wouldn’t like to imagine what it would be like to be involved with a country rock star…especially one who was a friend first?  And, my college reunion was coming up. So, it made me think of those days past.
When I orginally wrote COUNTRY ROADS, it was supposed to have a completely different ending. Without giving away any spoilers, I had a tragedy happen to a different character than I originally planned, and that opened up an entire new storyline which spun the rest of the series. BTW, the prequel, ALL MY MEMORIES, in the anthology Can’t Buy Me Love, was written after all five books in the series were written and contracted for publication. 
So…now I am busy working on editing the final books of the series, working with the cover artist, helping create book trailers and music playlists, and promoting.  But, after the Country Roads series, I am proud to say that another book (title to be revealed) was accepted for publication. I got the inspiration for this new book when a few friends and I were contemplating going on a girls getaway.  We wanted to go somewhere tropical and see a concert. We, unfortunately, didn’t end up going, but my main character did. I named her Maya because we were planning on going to the Riviera Maya. Then, when I looked up the name Maya, I learned that its origins had to do with fertility…which spun my story in a whole other direction.
And, of course, I am still writing.  Three chapters into a rough draft of a book that started with a dream…

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